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At Smart Stewards, we teach the basics of making, managing and particularly multiplying your money ; i.e. making your money work for you. We provide courses, literacy tools and much more. Our overall  focus however is helping and teaching you to understand how to make, manager and multiply money. 

Why Choose Us?

The Smart Investment Club is an arm of The Smart Stewards' a platform that helps you gain Access To Financial Resources That Will Help You Take Sound Financial Decisions; Either For Your Personal or Business Finance!

For individuals, we offer advisory services that promote financial fitness and advise on debt-management, savings and investment issues. We advise and help you on your journey to financial independence. 

In such a short period of time, I have been able to invest over 30 million. Before now, I really don't have anything to show for my work all year round!

Thank you for all you do.


About Us

Sola Adesakin (FCA FCCA CPA MBA)

Founder, The Smart Investment Club

We are a group of Individuals who have a common goal: Live you best life, Make, Manage and Multiply Money, Attain Financial Freedom. Invest Massively and let the returns from your investments pay your bills, with so much extra to enjoy life.‚Äč